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Dear Maugham Families,

It is hard to believe that one month of school has already come and gone. School has gotten off to an incredible start. Students are settled into their daily routines and minds are growing as we speak.

For the month of October, our school will be highlighting the positive character trait, RESPECT. Next week we will be celebrating the week of respect and our students will be participating in a multitude of activities.

Some daily reminders for our students as they aim to be more respectful and understanding are:

· treat people in a way that shows you care
· be polite
· respect yourself by taking care of yourself
· respect public property and your personal belongings
· respect animals
· use respectful language such as “please” and “thank you”
· show respect for authority, including teachers, the principal, and your parents
· respect others by paying attention when they are talking
· respect people for who they are and the differences they have
· respect rules in your community, at school, and at home

Ask your children to share with you what they have been discussing regarding respect in the schools. Hopefully there will be some great conversations.

As student assessments have been on-going since the beginning of the school year some parents have been invited to attend an I&RS meeting or a meeting with our Guidance Counselor. The Intervention & Referral Services or I&RS, and Guidance Services are extremely important resources at Maugham School. Parents who are new to the school and those who did not utilize these resources in the past may find this information particularly useful.


Each Tenafly School has a standing Intervention and Referral Services Committee. This committee is a school-based, problem-solving group designed to assist teachers in developing intervention strategies which will help students who are experiencing difficulty in school. This committee serves the needs of General Education students who are not classified. The I&RS serves as a vehicle to develop instructional goals or modifications through collaborative discussion and planning of which you, the parents, are an integral part.

What can Intervention and Referral Services Committees Do?
· Offer structured support and assistance to teachers and parents
· Enable the school’s instructional program to meet a broader range of student needs
· Assist teachers in developing alternative strategies to promote student competence in
basic skills
· Provide a means for teachers to share and increase their skills and knowledge through
peer interaction with other professionals
· Determine whether the challenges being addressed require additional, school, district
or outside resources
· At times, but not necessarily, an I&RS committee meeting results in requesting referral
services to the Child Study Team.

The core committee is composed of the principal or her designee, a member of our Child Study Team (usually our Learning Consultant), the school nurse (as needed), the speech and language specialist, a guidance counselor, and support services staff such as: Resource Room instructor, Basic Skills Teacher, ELL teacher (as needed) etc. In addition, the classroom teacher seeking assistance is always a part of the team.

Parents are invited to attend an I&RS meeting as the information they have to offer is extremely valuable to the team. They also have the benefit of hearing suggestions made by different team members who examine the situation from their varied perspectives of professional expertise.

Mrs. Jodie Craft, our Vice Principal of Elementary Schools will assist in the coordination of the activities of the committee this year. Should you need additional information about our I&RS Committee, please contact your child’s teacher, Mrs. Craft, or myself.

Maugham offers a variety of guidance services to our students. Our Guidance Counselor is Ms. Maria Casteline, who has been very helpful to many Maugham families.

What is the Guidance Program?
The focus of the elementary school guidance program is to help students develop positive learning experiences. Through a proactive approach our guidance counselor works closely with classroom teachers and the school principal to develop small-group programs that will

address a variety of needs within our student population. The gamut of counselor services includes various types of interventions.
  • The Guidance Counselor collaborates with teachers/parents to provide an ongoing connection between students’ social/emotional and academic functioning
  • Conducts small group counseling sessions such as the Friendship Circle/Lunch Bunch, offering opportunities for students to model student to student interaction in a small setting
  • Creates new groups as needed. A group of Banana Splits will be offered this year in response to the circumstances of children of divorce/separation
  • Arranges for special assemblies and programs that are conducted by outside providers. This year assemblies about cyber bullying will be held, as well as Halloween Safety sessions, conducted by Law Enforcement Officers
  • Provides support for the Responsive Classroom program as she helps students maintain Responsive Classroom approach to conflict resolution in less structured times such as recess and lunch
  • Leads/teaches various proactive group lessons that are grade-appropriate by request of the classroom teacher/building principal. One example is the “Zippy’s Friends” program that addresses social skills appropriate for kindergartners which is taught by the Guidance Counselor in all kindergarten classes
  • Offers individual counseling sessions for students who exhibit emotional needs and/or concerns
  • conducts “New Student Orientation” services for new students who transfer into the school
  • Arranges 504 meetings, provides input, follows up on student success, and monitors the effectiveness of interventions that have been designed and implemented
  • Responds to emergencies and crises situations, as needed.

Those of you who have been part of Maugham School for a number of years will note that our guidance services grew over the years to accommodate the various needs of our student population. I am truly excited about the services that are available to our students and I encourage parents to take advantage of this opportunity by seeking our Guidance counselor out to address questions, concerns or information they have about their child.

I certainly encourage you to reach out to your child’s teacher if you have any further questions.

Best Wishes,

Mrs. Jen Ferrara

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